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OLEA is unique.

We are a group of creative collaborators that come from a tradition of hard work rooted in our collective backgrounds.

Our multi-disciplinary team integrates business practicalities and creative vision to create brand experiences opportunities that maximize differentiation and connect directly with your customers.

Recognizable, sophisticated and motivational – this is reflected in all our work.

If you are looking for a company that will bring this perspective to your brand, contact us.


Our Approach.

Our expertise lies in identifying opportunities that create value across the full context of your communications strategy. Our five-point approach unearths a dynamic and nuanced understanding of the functional, emotional and actionable elements required to develop and realize that strategy. The ultimate goal being a positive and motivational impact on people when they interact with your brand.



Our Work.

When we apply our collective expertise – in graphic and web design, and brand and communication strategy – towards your needs, we design communications solutions that differentiate you and your business within the competitive landscape. Whether a complete reinvention or the seamless integration of new strategies into your existing structures, we understand what it takes to get your message across.


Our attention to Detail

Great design requires creativity, judgment and passion. It’s about engaging your audience with impressive visuals and a unique style that firmly establishes and reinforces your brand.

We understand design fundamentals and the latest trends and combine this by balancing your creative goals with your business goals. Whether the final execution is a browser, mobile or physical experience, our solutions adapt styles that explain complicated systems, demonstrate difficult processes or illustrate innovative ideas.

  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Collateral Graphics
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • User Interface Design

Website Technology

Start from the Beginning

Web development is a collaborative enterprise and we work closely with you to align your creative goals with your business needs. Our user-led research, planning and design is supported by proven and detailed project management that connects the many distinct and interconnected elements that lie behind information architecture.

The goal is to create an appealing, efficient and motivational website that presents content in a way that is clearly communicating your intent.

  • Website and Micro Sites
  • Content Management Systems
  • E-Commerce
  • HTML5
  • Android
  • iOS
  • PHP
Website Technology
Social Media

Digital Development

Start from the beginning

Whether the focus is on UX and UE, end user testing, data analysis, content strategy or social media, our strategic approach lets us be fully informed before we make any recommendations or decisions. We evaluate and review a brand’s position from the top down against the competitive set, focusing on an effortless experience from an external and internal perspective.

  • Digital and Content Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Research and Evaluation
  • Usability Testing
  • Competition Testing
  • Information Technology
Digital Development

Content Development

Ideas to be embraced and advocated.

The efforts you’ve put towards positioning your brand is rendered purposeless if it fails to effectively reach its intended audience. Expressing your brand through powerful content is the differentiator between what makes your brand another player versus what motivates people in favour of your brand – and makes it the leading choice within the competitive set.

Olea specializes in generating and translating complex ideas into accessible content applicable through relevant sources that connect emotionally to varied audiences. Our approach assesses all possible platforms to determine which work best for the industry and marketplace in which your brand competes.

  • Audit, Assess and Reframe Existing Strategies
  • Targeted Brand and Corporate Copy
  • Corporate Direction content
  • Promotions and Campaigns
  • Channel Identification
Content Development

Providence Healthcare Foundation

The Challenge:

This leading Toronto healthcare facility is at the forefront of complex continuing care, long-term care and community outreach – but their message wasn’t reaching a wide enough audience. As a non-profit organization, getting the word out to raise funds is vital to the Foundation’s success so they approached Olea to help them determine how to maximize their communications efforts and expand their reach.

The Solution:

Olea began by conducting an audit of their current communications touchpoints – from internal information documents to multi-channel fundraising initiatives. Leveraging our proprietary Communications Engagement Framework to measure touchpoint impact, we identified opportunities to clarify their brand promise, and to connect and motivate its audience more effectively through visuals, brand clarity, website, written content, layout and overall focus. A robust analysis of social media channels resulted in recommendations on which channels to focus relevant to their audience and goals, and how to maximize their effectiveness.

The Results:

Providence is currently underway with the complete revision of their communications strategies based on our recommendations. In addition, we have helped them reach clarity around how they frame the organization’s brand promise.

The Colomer Group

The Challenge:

Based out of Spain, The Colomer Group is a global leader in the development of innovative products and services for the beauty industry. The company is continuously looking to inspire and support beauty professionals and consumers through relevant and engaging communication strategies. Colomer recognized Olea’s success with contemporary design techniques and began collaborating with us in the growth of these strategies.

The Solution:

For the last twelve years, Olea has worked with most of Colomer’s varied marketing teams often managing the visual brand output of 4-5 lines at once. Work has included a full range of communication and promotional pieces including in-salon promo collateral, brand launch materials, technical manuals for stylists, in-store merchandising and large-scale graphics.

The Results:

As one of Olea’s longest standing clients, Colomer has recently been acquired by Revlon thereby exposing their brands (and our work) to a wider audience. Going from strength to strength, Olea continues to play a critical role in the evolution of their brands’ communications and enjoys on-going relationships with their top brand teams.

Jawny Bakers Restaurant

The Challenge:

Over the last twenty years, Jawny Bakers has become one of Toronto’s most successful independently owned and operated restaurants, serving high quality, gourmet-standard meals and beverages in a refined casual dining venue. With an expansion to a family dining room, lounge, patio and bar serving a capacity of 250 guests, the owners recognized that if they were going to continue to grow they needed to clarify the restaurant’s brand in order to increase efficiency while still offering their guests excellent dining experiences.

The Solution:

Olea began by distilling the key elements that made Jawny Bakers distinct from their competition and explored what guests valued most from their time there. Armed with these insights, we clarified their overall offering and rebranded the company by revising all visual communications touchpoints (logo, signage, font, menus, etc.), website and promotional content, internal communications pieces (employee manuals, etc.), and found ways to productize processes and protocols to consistently reinforce the new brand.

The Results:

Olea has been working with Jawny Bakers for several years enabling consistent growth both in the physical space and sales through an increase in new visitors and repeat guest visits.

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